Welcome New Residents

On behalf of your neighbors and the Georgetown Park Condominium Association we would like to welcome you to your new community.  We hope the following information is useful and that you will let us know if you need further help.

Getting Started:

  1. An administrative fee of $600.00 is payable to Georgetown Park Condominium upon moving into your unit.  It can be given to Mr. Vincent Smith at the concierge desk.   
  2. Check in with the concierge desk and complete an information sheet that lists all those residing in your unit. 
  3.  Give the concierge and extra key to your unit
  4.  Provide concierge your information sheet with your phone contact information; email, for notification of any packages
  5. Ensure that your realtor has provided you a key fob to swipe for secure entry into the buildings as well as a mailbox key.  You may purchase general entry keys, fobs and garage cards from the concierge service desk.  If you have a designated parking space, please ensure you receive the swipe card for the proper garage entrance and also a remote control for the gate from your realtor or purchase these items from the concierge and/or Colonial Parking, as appropriate.
  6. To contact the concierge desk call: 202-342-3121 or fax: 202-342-3128 


  1. Electricity: Pepco: 202-833-7500 
  2. Comcast Cable/Internet Phone: 1-800-934-6489 
  3. HVAC: JJ Madden: 301-937-1000 

Management Team:

Associa Community Management Corporation was selected by the Board on June 1, 2013 to provide management to Georgetown Park Condominium Association unit owners and general management.  You may elect to participate in direct debit for the payment of your monthly condominium association fees by setting up an account.  Please call CMC management offices at 703-631-7200.  The web link for Associa is: www.Associaonline.com

What do my Condominium Fees Include:

The condominium fees cover Xfinity cable television, water, trash removal, building and grounds maintenance, show and ice removal and weather maintenance, HVAC filters, concierge service and the use of the outdoor/rooftop swimming pool.  The voluntary Board of Directors also identifies and budgets for future repairs, studies and upgrades to the real estate.


If your unit did not come with a parking space, one can be rented in the Georgetown Parking Garage directly beside the main entrance by telephoning Colonial Parking at 202-295-8080.  The web link is also: www.ecolonial.com.  Often unit owners will also sublet their parking spaces within the unit ownership and leases through the Marketplace or bulletin board located in the front lobby.  Average parking costs vary and are offered on an availability basis.

Guest Access:

If you choose your phone number may be used to program the lobby door dialer.  Only 202 area code numbers can be used to provide remote access for the dial-up.  Please provide your telephone number to the concierge for activation. 

Guests or delivery personnel can select your unit number at the keypad outside the building.  When the guest(s) dial, you may remotely open the door by depressing “9” on your phone to grant access. Alternatively, you may descend in person to the entrance to admit guests.

Interior & Exterior Remodeling:

Before proceeding with any of these matters, please contact Mr. John Wolosky, building manager at 202-342-3121 or email georgetownpca@aol.com.  There are a number of reviews and permits that must be obtained prior to proceeding with any interior or exterior remodeling or changes that may alter the building.

Scheduling your Move or Deliveries:

Before proceeding, please contact the concierge and Mr. John Wolosky, building manager at 202-342-3121 or e-mail georgetownpcs@aol.com.  The freight elevator is located at the end of the courtyard next to the West Residence.  The Canal House moving rules are applied equally and limited hours and days are available for moving or large deliveries.  The alley is used for deliveries as well and must be reserved in advance.

Swimming Pool: 

See pool policy in rules and regulations, section 5 

Open Memorial Day through September each year.  You will receive a packet in the spring to register for the use of the pool and the rules and regulations.  The package includes a release for liability and notice that there is no lifeguard on duty.  Should you arrive at the premises during the summer months, please see the concierge for registration and information.  The pool is for residents only.  Hours are 10AM -10PM daily.  There is a no smoking policy in the public areas of the pool.


No smoking is permitted in the hallways, lobby or fire escape.


Georgetown Park is a no pet building. 


If you would like to use the Canal House patio or gazebo in the courtyard for an event, please contact the concierge desk for details and reservations. 

No grilling is permitted.